What we can do in security

As a security professional, I can help you find a way to better secure your personal and professional life. With the rise of crime whether that be a physical assault on a place of business, physical assault on your family, theft of money, or theft of intellectual property I can help analyze and mitigate that risk.

There is several theories or ideas about security and how to implement those ideas however not every idea can work. This is not a cookie cutter type of plan, it must be detailed to the client or to the place of business. With the location, crime data, local and state laws being a large part of the planning process you can have a secure environment in which you can operate or live.

Criminals are not of rational thought they tend to act on emotion or rage drawn on by drug use, alcohol use, a chemical imbalance, or the need for finical gain.
My background is one of a practical application of security as well as several years of studying human psychological patterns in criminal behavior. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a criminal justice concentration, I can look at patterns of criminal behavior in the area that is being analyzed and develop a plan that can be tailored to the client.

A security company can just apply security to your situation however we are much more than that. We build a relationship based on facts, truth, knowledge, and the ability to listen to our clients.

​The company has two different professionals with very similar training as well as the application of security. If you have any questions regarding Trevor or me please do not hesitate to ask or contact us with any inquiry.

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