Process serving is a vital step in any legal matter.  You want to ensure that the other party is served in a timely and professional manner to speed the case along.


There are those times when the location of the person being served is not known.  This is when you need to call Gamma Security Group.  Our highly trained staff can perform the due diligence necessary to locate and serve individuals inside of Washington State.  We cover all necessary steps to ensure your focus remains solely with your case, not on the minutia of administration.


We pride ourselves on the professional service and appearance we provide to our clients.  Our declarations and affidavits of service are provided in a timely manner and, if requested, we integrate the caption into the declaration.  We can also file the declaration in the venue where the case is heard.

What sets us apart

Unlike large, national companies who treat you and your services like an account number, we provide dedicated service to ensure defendants are found and served.  Our tireless efforts mean more successful services for you.

We have performed thousands of services for clients throughout the south sound, and as far away as California.  We have achieved a 99.8% success rate for every service that has come our way; this is the highest success rate of any company in the South Sound region.  While we do not guarantee service, we are confident in our success rate.

Counties and costs

The following prices are for the counties where the individual is being served and are per attempt.

  • Pierce: $45
  • Mason: $55
  • Thurston: $45
  • Lewis: $65
  • King: $95
  • Clark: $95
  • Grays Harbor: $75
  • Jefferson: $75
  • Clallam: $75
  • Pacific: $95
  • Snohomish: $95
  • Skagit: $95
  • Eastern Washington: Call for quote

In addition to serving process, we offer the following add-on services:

  • Court Filings: $25 + filing fees (including state agencies)
  • Posted service: $30 (Eastern Washington - call for quote)
  • Service by mail: $20