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Why hire a PI to do my service of process?

Speaking with law firms in Thurston, Lewis, Mason, and Pierce Counties, they all ask me the same question: “Why do I need a PI to do my service of process when I can hire a ‘process server’ at a cheaper rate?” This article will help answer that question. Education and Training To begin, what is…
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Gamma Security Group offers Private Investigation and Private Security services for Washington State

What we can do in security

As a security professional, I can help you find a way to better secure your personal and professional life. With the rise of crime whether that be a physical assault on a place of business, physical assault on your family, theft of money, or theft of intellectual property I can help analyze and mitigate that…
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Why use a PI to interact with the court

Why use a PI to interact with the court?

At some point in your life, you may want to obtain court records for any number of reasons: professional curiosity, personal reasons, etc. The court systems are set up in such a way that anyone, yes even you, can go down and access their records. In fact, in Washington, many court records are even online!…
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