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Gamma Security Group was formed in 2010 by Trevor Richie. Combining his experience of military, law enforcement, and government contracted security work, GSG set out to establish a new level of private security in the country. Primarily focusing security consulting for government and high-net worth clients, GSG brings a unique approach to the field of risk management. Culling knowledge and lessons learned over a combined 30 years security experience in a wide range of fields, GSG provides clients with actionable intelligence, cutting edge security programs, and advanced research and development of the next generation of personal protective and other security devices and systems.

Trevor Richie, PI, Gamma Security Group

Trevor Richie

Founder, CEO, Private Investigator

Community Connections

Gamma Security Group is a proud to support local, community efforts across the State of Washington.

Gamma is proud to be a member of several chambers of commerce in Washington state